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Seeing Is Believing

See for yourself why Phamily’s automated 2-way text platform is by far the most practical and effective way to provide quality, real-time care to your Medicare patients with chronic conditions.

Easy Patient Enrollment

Create Instant Care Plans

Send Personalized Check-Ins at Scale

Patient Care in Real-Time

Auto-Document All Your Work

One-Click Reimbursement

Watch how easy Phamily makes it to automatically keep in touch with 500 to thousands of chronic care Medicare patients at once without tanking your time or your team.

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Consistent care, fewer calls

Replace hundreds of monthly phone calls with weekly personalized text check-ins that patients love.

Work smarter, not harder

Headache-free auto-documenting care management, smart care plan templates and follow-up protocols.

CCM at significant scale

Enroll 500+ patients in 60 days. Not a dead-end side project that goes nowhere fast.

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