How To Control the Coronavirus Crisis and Adapt Your Practice to a COVID-19 Reality

Phamily Is Helping Practices Affected by Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is Severely Disrupting the Practice of Medicine

The Coronavirus pandemic is a scary and volatile time for patients and providers.

  • Your patients are confused, scared, and fear they may have the Coronavirus.
  • Elderly patients with chronic conditions are at-risk, but they have to skip their appointments.
  • Your patients may be sick, but they’re not visiting their doctor and forgoing care, unless it’s an emergency.
  • You care about your patients, but you don’t know who needs your help right now.
  • You increasingly feel you can do less for your patients in this time of need.

    You also care deeply about the practice you’ve built.

    • You’re experiencing heavy appointment cancellations and expect a 30-60% decrease in the next 3 months.
    • Practices are cancelling most routine visits and elective procedures, leading to heavy loss of revenue.
    • Office staff cannot show up to work. They’re forced to stay at home as school and childcare cancellations increase. 
    • Widening travel and curfew restrictions may prevent providers and staff from accessing their physical offices.
    • Providers and staff have not really been able to work from home in healthcare.
    • You increasingly understand the grim financial picture.

    This is the new reality in the coming weeks to months of the COVID-19 crisis.

    Here's what practices should be doing right now.

    Today: Reach out to ALL of your patients and identify COVID-19 risk.

    Phone calls and telemedicine are 1:1 & slow.

    Text your entire patient panel with Phamily and triage who is at highest risk, in one click.

    The health of you, your staff, and your patients is our priority. In this time of fear and uncertainty, patients want to hear from their trusted doctors.

    That’s why we’ve developed a COVID-19 triage module to help you quickly and easily reach all of your patients. 

    As the number of cases grows exponentially nationwide, you need a quick way to triage patients from highest to lowest risk. You need a way to do this remotely. You need to contact your at-risk patients and guide them. And you need to to this in an easy, reliable, and proven way.

    That’s why we’re making our proven care management platform available free of charge for COVID-19 triage.

    COVID-19 PSA & Triage
    COVD-19 Risk Stratification

    Next Week: Adapt your practice for the reality of remote-first care.

    Prepare for a 40-75% decrease in office visits.

    Fill the gap with monthly care management reimbursement for non-face-to-face care.

    Finding new and better ways to deliver care and create new revenue streams will be the new normal once this COVID-19 crisis settles. That can be weeks to months, and it’s highly uncertain right now.

    Practices that take advantage of existing remote care management programs, such as CCM, will be best positioned to deliver care for their patients and remain in good financial shape.

    Remote-First Care Model

    Start with our COVID-19 Triage module for free.

    Take control of the COVID-19 pandemic today. We are making our text-enabled COVID-19 Triage module available for free to organizations combating the Coronavirus. Text messaging is the only effective communication method that 96% of U.S. population has. You can triage COVID-19 symptoms, identify risk and intervene right away. You can also reach out to your elderly at-risk patients with chronic conditions and guide them through this difficult and confusing time. 

    • Your staff can work from home.
    • You can care for patients without office visits.
    • You can get reimbursed for non face-to-face care.

    Phamily enables your care team to easily manage thousands of patients by replacing long 1:1 phone calls with quick AI-powered text follow-ups and auto-documenting every interaction to ensure compliance.
    The end result is a 5-10x increase in caseload, revenue, and profit.

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