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The Phamily Difference

Phamily is not an outsourced call center, rather, Phamily provides your practice the tools to do CCM at scale + profitably without hiring additional staff. Medicare’s CCM program is an essential component of a high performance practice.  CCM, however, can be difficult & labor intensive without the right tools. Many practices have tried CCM in the past either by making phone calls or outsourcing to a call center with little success. 

With Phamily’s platform, practices, are performing CCM well.  It’s important that you do CCM for your own patients, and not have a third party call center reaching out to your patients.

Whether you have tried CCM in the past or are already doing it currently, Phamily can help you:

Double your Medicare reimbursement with profitable CCM

Enroll 250 patients. Generate $10,000/mo of CCM revenue with $5,700/mo in profit.

Manage 10x more CCM patients with the same staff

Support 500 CCM patients per care manger. That’s 10x more the national median of 47.

Provide exceptional patient-centered care between visits

Keep patients on track and identify issues early with our care plans and smart follow-ups.

Minimize implementation risk • Maximize program success

No upfront cost or complicated IT setup. Import data from your EHR to get started right away. Our Customer Success experts guide you every step of the way to ensure optimal results.

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