Toufique Harun


Toufique Harun, Chief Technology Officer, co-founded Jaan Health – the company behind Phamily – to power proactive healthcare for everyone, everywhere.  Toufique is a serial entrepreneur who has built his career on big data and personalization.  This hard-won expertise spurred the ideation, development, and continual enhancement of Jaan Health’s premier product Phamily, which is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. Phamily empowers a shift from reactive episodic care to proactive efficient care.

Toufique spent his professional youth in the proverbial garage: in college at UPenn, he teamed up with a few peers and built the first real petroleum trade facilitation platform which they quickly sold to Intercontinental Exchange. After this early success, he made the jump to personalization and big data and gained unparalleled expertise in the space. He started by developing an early personalization engine in the second cohort at Y-combinator, driving Paul Graham to work, and learning hard lessons about how eyeballs do not equal dollars. 

He earned his reputation as a search and data expert during his tenure at AT&T Interactive (yellowpages.com).  At YP, Toufique learned how to manage a product with massive reach. Yellowpages.com was the largest ad network at the time (larger than Google!), and Toufique and his team contributed hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to the underlying business.

After that, Toufique ran a startup incubator where he worked with companies to supercharge their product management capabilities.  He specialized in digital personalization products; during that time, he worked with Chase to build their Ultimate Rewards program and personalization engine. At the end of his time at the incubator, he turned down several high-profile corporate opportunities to get back into the garage with his co-founder, Nabeel Kaukab.

Toufique earned both his Bachelor’s and his Master’s degrees in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Today, when Toufique is not busy building Phamily, he enjoys spending time with his family.