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For over 4 billion people around the globe, the word “jaan” means life or love. We all cherish the lives and health of those we love. At Jaan Health, nothing is more important than enabling high-quality healthcare for all patients, everywhere, all the time.

We believe...

For nearly a decade, we have been building easy-to-use, AI-driven technology to enable medical groups, health systems, and ACOs to better deliver high-ROI, high-quality proactive care across their entire population.

Our software platform Phamily has transformed chronic disease management with simple and satisfying technology that lets physicians and care teams focus on increasing patient care, not paperwork.

Phamily scales care management for 10x results.

Every patient with a chronic disease deserves consistent check-ins, follow-up and support from their care team. Phamily reduces the effort for everyone by using two-way text-based communication to boost the trusted relationship between your patient and their provider. Our platform helps ensure healthcare providers actually get paid fairly for providing high quality care between office visits.


In 90 days, medical groups, health systems, and ACOs of all sizes can now launch new revenue-generating service lines with profit margins of 40% or higher.

More efficient

Phamily enables even the most junior care managers to easily support 5-10x as many patients without any upfront capital requirement. A simple, yet powerful, HIPAA-compliant web app helps quickly prioritize and respond to patient needs.

Better care and
happier patients

Because our patients can easily text their care teams, they engage 3.4 times/month on average. Better engagement drives better clinical outcomes and the highest patient satisfaction scores (exceeding 9.5 out of 10).

Best of all, our large, proprietary dataset and AI learning loop gives all of our clients access to cutting-edge best practices learned from across the healthcare ecosystem and technology that is future-proofed.


Nabeel Kaukab

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

With 25+ years in healthcare, finance and technology, Nabeel sees the intersection of healthcare and AI as the opportunity to revolutionize the economics of health care and the patient experience. Meet Nabeel…

Toufique Harun

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Serial entrepreneur Toufique tackles big, complicated problems and delivers deceptively simple technology-driven solutions that transform industries. Meet Toufique…

Eugene Krishnan

Chief Financial Officer

Eugene supercharges healthcare companies that prove a commitment to a social mission can work hand-in-hand with high performance and profitability. Meet Eugene…

Darshan Bachhawat

Chief Revenue Officer

Darshan has 15+ years experience co-founding and building high growth healthcare technology businesses committed to improving access to care and quality of care. Meet Darshan…

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