Chronic Care Management (CCM) improves kidney care

Leading nephrology practices use the Phamily platform and expert support to increase patient engagement, provide high-quality proactive care, drive revenue, and enhance outcomes under value-based models like Kidney Care Choices (KCC).

Trusted by leading neurology practices like yours



More efficient between-visit care



Patients per clinical staff FTE (versus 50-100 under traditional models)



Monthly patient engagement — averaging 3.4 times per month



Revenue per 1000 patients, annually



Profit margin to reinvest in staff, programs


“We’ve seen increased prescription compliance, reduced hospitalizations, and higher overall engagement. Phamily makes our patients feel like they are getting a concierge service.
– Ramsey N. Nassar, MD
Nephrology Associates of Kentuckiana

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Nephrology Associates of Kentuckiana​

Ramsay Nassar, MD sees increased prescription compliance, reduced hospitalization, and higher overall engagement from his practice’s CCM program.

Balancing Kidney Care​

Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE explains how to match patients to programs for success in FFS and VBC.

How I started a profitable, patient-focused CCM program

A physician leader explains how his mid-sized nephrology practice delivers superior patient care, keeps up with inflation, and demonstrates outcome performance to payers. 



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How can CCM help nephrologists improve relationships with referring PCPs?

Ishan Ghildyal addresses one of the common concerns nephrologists have about implementing CCM at their practices.


See how Phamily CCM supports kidney care.

Get a quick demo of the Phamily CCM platform – at your convenience.


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How can CCM help with kidney care measures?

Ishan Ghildyal explains how patient engagement is key to optimal starts and patient activation.


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Why does patient experience matter?

Nephrology practice leader Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE explains why she runs an in-house CCM program.


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Do patients with Stage 3a CKD really need CCM?

Ishan Ghildyal explains when to consider rolling CCM out to CKD Stage 3a patients.


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How does CCM help get patients into other programs?

Nephrology practice leader Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE talks about how CCM can help funnel patients into other beneficial programs.


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Can you afford to do all the things for all the patients?

Nephrology practice leader Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE explains why practices need to think about funding sources.


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How can nephrology practices quarterback chronic care management?​

Nephrology practice leader Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE explains why CCM programs make sense for nephrology practices.


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How can CCM reduce the burden on nephrologists?

Ishan Ghildyal explains how shifting between-visit work to the care team frees nephrologists to spend more time on complex medical care.


Which FFS programs offer the most value for your practice?​

Many Medicare FFS reimbursement programs could benefit your kidney patients - but which ones make the most sense for your nephrology practice? It all depends on how well you scale them.

Worried about the RTA for CKCC? FFS programs can help bridge the gap

Roughly half of the nephrologists practicing in the United States participate in Medicare’s Chronic Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC) value-based payment model. With CKCC, CMS took a major step forward in partnering with nephrologists to improve the cost and quality of kidney care. But participating providers face unexpected financial losses this year...

The Bridge to Value for Kidney Care

Which fee-for-service programs can help your practice fund the transition to value-based care, while building the operational and clinical muscles you’ll need for success?


Balancing Kidney Care

Nephrology leader Jennifer Huneycutt, CPA, CMPE explains how to match patients to programs for success in both FFS and VBC payment models.

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How can CCM benefit your nephrology practice?

Our experts can help you figure out how CCM can fit into your practice’s portfolio of programs for kidney care.

Your goals might be to improve patient engagement, become fairly compensated for between-visit care, or build better relationships with referring physicians – we can help you get there.

Schedule a custom consultation for your practice – at no cost, no obligation.


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