Chronic Care Management scaled to 1,000s of patients

without outsourcing or overburdening your team
  • Improve patient wellness between visits
  • Deliver an unmatched patient experience
  • Maximize your organization’s sustainability


Phamily is the #1 In-House Chronic Care Management & Proactive Care Platform

Phamily helps health systems and medical groups across the country launch scalable in-house Chronic Care Management service lines to proactively support their patients between visits, while generating sustainable monthly reimbursement.

3 million messages

personalized and sent to patients

5.1 million minutes

of reimbursable care work logged

20+ specialties

supported in 33 states

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How It Works

Phamily powers 3 critical transformations

We bring together everything that’s required to create higher quality care, a better patient experience, and greater financial & operational sustainability.

Higher Quality Care

Average of 6.5 care gaps closed per patient

Greater Sustainability

$45K in revenue for every 1,000 patients enrolled

Better Patient Experience

77.4 Net Promoter Score

Our Results

Delivering Superior Preventative Care

Phamily has delivered results at quality and growth focused health networks and medical groups around the country.

80% engagement rate

keeps patients connected with their provider

5% decrease in hospitalizations & ER visits

promotes quality-of-life and reduces costs

6.5 care gaps closed per patient in a year

delivers better outcomes in categories such as symptoms, medication and lifestyle

A Program That Scales

Maximize Your Organizational Sustainability

Not only do patients love Phamily, but so will your organization. We increase revenue per month, net profit every year & can care for 500 patients through a single full-time clinical worker


revenue per month
for every 1,000 patients enrolled


net profit per year for every 1,000 patients enrolled

Care for 500 patients

managed by a single full-time clinical worker

Connecting With Providers

An Experience Patients Love

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer satisfaction and how likely people are to recommend a service to a friend or colleague. 

Phamily’s NPS of 77.4 is significantly higher than the average score of 38 for healthcare industry brands. 

Our NPS is higher than brands such as CVS (60) and the Mayo Clinic (41), and even beats out the providers of beloved products and services such as Apple (61) and Amazon (47).

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Consistent care, fewer calls

Replace hundreds of monthly phone calls with weekly personalized text check-ins that patients love.

Work smarter, not harder

Headache-free auto-documenting care management, smart care plan templates and follow-up protocols.

CCM at significant scale

Enroll 1,000+ patients in 60 days. Not a dead-end side project that goes nowhere fast.