Reverse Declining Reimbursements with
New Monthly Care Management Revenue

New care management billing codes offer to reimburse you for the support you regularly provide patients between visits. But without the right tools, it’s so complex and time-consuming that you end up losing money and time.

Phamily makes all of it simple, scalable, and 5-10x more profitable.

Proactive care can turn the tide on declining reimbursements.

 Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a new Medicare program that:
  • offers monthly reimbursement for the support you regularly provide patients between visits
  • allows billing for everyday activities done by your staff, e.g. phone calls, refills, referrals, labs
  • incentivizes a higher standard of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • offers an additional $42-$139+ per patient per month based on time and complexity

Chronic Care Management could be a lifeline.
But without the proper tools, it’s a dead end.

The hard way

500 CCM patients + EHR + phone calls
5-10 care managers
Unprofitable or barely profitable

The easy way

500 CCM patients + Phamily
1 care manager or existing staff
Highly profitable monthly reimbursement

Phamily makes care management simple and 
5-10x more profitable...for the first time.

Phamily enables your care team to easily manage thousands of CCM patients by replacing long 1:1 phone calls with quick AI-powered text follow-ups and auto-documenting every interaction to ensure program compliance.
The end result is a 5-10x increase in caseload, revenue, and profit.

Run an outstanding care management program, not a call center.

Eliminate routine phone calls and experience unrivaled patient engagement.
0 %
Patient engagement
0 x
Per month
Imagine calling 80% of your patients 2.5 times every month.
Now you don't have to because...

Phamily makes CCM as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Enroll eligible patients and create comprehensive care plans.

Create care plans in 60 seconds flat.

Choose from our library of comprehensive care plan templates covering all major chronic conditions.  Personalize the plan and share it with the patient in a few quick clicks.

2. Check-in regularly between visits and address any issues.

Replace a week of phone calls with an afternoon of Phamily.

Without Phamily, checking in with your patients means hundreds, even thousands of repetitive phone calls every month. With Phamily’s AI assistant, your staff sends thousands of personalized, condition-specific follow-up messages in minutes.

Phamily helps your staff triage patient replies quickly and easily, ensuring common questions get asked and answered with minimal effort, freeing you and your staff  to focus on the patients who need their help the most.

3. Track time, document work, review progress, and bill every month.

With Phamily, documentation is an automatic side-effect of communicating with patients.

With the standard tools (like phone calls, patient portals, and even your EMR’s CCM module), documenting the required 20 minutes of work takes nearly as long as the work itself.

Unlike phone calls, your patient communication in Phamily is automatically documented, analyzed and logged.  When it’s time to bill, simply click a button to generate the necessary documentation.

That's all there is to it!

Ready to launch your care management program?

Profitable care management that scales with the help of AI.

The proof is in the results.

Patients engaged
Conversations created
Messages exchanged

See for yourself.

We are a very different kind of company. Instead of selling to you, we'd rather work with you to collaboratively evaluate whether or not care management and CCM is a good fit for your organization. We prefer to work with well-run organizations focused on growth. Healthcare is going though a massive transformation, and we love partnering with forward-thinking people leading the way. Please reach out. We'd love to answer any questions.