Reverse declining reimbursements with new monthly Chronic Care Management revenue.

Phamily makes CCM simple, scalable, and 5-10x more profitable.

Chronic Care Management done right.

Phamily makes CCM simple, scalable, and 5-10x more profitable.

The hard way

500 CCM patients + EHR + phone calls
5-10 care managers
Unprofitable or barely profitable

The easy way

500 CCM patients + Phamily
1 care manager or existing staff
Highly profitable monthly reimbursement

Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a new program from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that:

  • offers monthly reimbursement for the support you regularly provide patients between visits
  • allows billing for everyday activities done by your staff, e.g. phone calls, refills, referrals, labs
  • incentivizes a higher standard of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • offers an additional $41-$177+ per patient per month based on time and complexity

Chronic Care Management could be a lifeline.
But without the proper tools, it’s a dead end.

A typical provider can enroll 250 CCM patients and earn $125,000+ per year.

However, most organizations actually lose money on CCM because they try a brute force labor-intensive approach using EHRs, monthly phone calls, and manual documentation.

That is why the national median caseload is only 47 CCM patients.

With Phamily, one care manager can support up to 500 CCM patients.

Phamily Results Comparison

The Phamily CCM Solution

Phamily enables your care team to easily manage thousands of CCM patients by replacing long 1:1 phone calls with quick AI-powered text follow-ups and auto-documenting every interaction to ensure program compliance.
The end result is a 5-10x increase in caseload, revenue, and profit.

Double your Medicare reimbursement

Enroll 250 patients. Generate $10k more per month.

Provide exceptional care between visits

Reach your patients weekly without 100s of phone calls.

Manage 10x more CCM patients

Support up to 500 CCM patients per care manager with Phamily. That's more than 10x the national median of 47.

Minimize risk • Maximize program success

No upfront costs or IT setup. Our Customer Success experts guide you every step of the way.

Phamily CCM is the best way to improve practice profitability AND patient care, especially now.

Ready to stop declining reimbursements?