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Chronic Care Management guidelines

2022 Chronic Care Management (CCM) Codes CPT Codes

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Chronic Care Management (CCM) CPT Code Summary

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Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a new Medicare program that offers significant monthly reimbursement for the time providers and their staff spend helping patients between office visits.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) reimburses an additional $64-$177+ per patient per month  for the support you and your staff regularly provide patients between visits.

Get reimbursed for:

Admin Activities

Care Coordination

Care management

Activities you already perform everyday

Chronic Care Management Billing Codes Summary

CMS continues to increase the number of Chronic Care Management codes providers can bill for. Starting with just one code in 2015, CPT 99490, the Physician Fee-Schedule now includes 7 codes accounting for various levels of complexity and time.

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"At Silver Cross, our primary mission is "caring for our community." My job is to make sure we meet that fulfill that mission across our patient populations and practice groups, and do it in a sustainable way. That's why the first time I saw the Phamily platform I immediately recognized the flexibility and potential it had for population health delivery… In just a few months we’ve enrolled more than 3,200 Medicare patients and plan to reach 5,000 by September… The program is fully self-sustaining and our patients, providers, and leadership all love it."
Lisa Stockdale
Director of Value-Based Care Silver Cross Hospital, New Lenox, Il

Download your CCM summary and 5 step implementation guide