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Chronic Care Management at Scale

Phamily Practices manage 500 CCM Patients per FTE

National average is 44 patients

Phamily makes CCM as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Enroll eligible patients and create care plans.

Enroll and create care plans in minutes

Choose from our comprehensive library of care plan templates covering all major chronic conditions.  Personalize and share with patients in a few quick clicks.

2. Check-in regularly between visits and address any issues.

Replace a week of phone calls with a morning of Phamily

Care management used to require hundreds or thousands of repetitive phone calls every month. With Phamily’s AI assistant, your staff can send thousands of personalized, condition-specific follow-up messages in minutes.

Phamily helps your staff triage patient replies quickly and easily, enabling your team to focus on the patients most in need of help.

3. Track time, document work, review & bill every month.

Auto-generate documentation as a side-effect of communicating with patients

With the standard tools (like phone calls, patient portals, and even your EMR’s CCM module), documenting the work takes nearly as long as the work itself.

Unlike phone calls, your patient communication in Phamily is automatically documented, analyzed and logged.  When it’s time to bill, simply click a button to generate the necessary documentation.

Wondering how to launch a CCM program without outsourcing?

Get our Chronic Care Management Billing Codes Summary & Implementation Toolkit

CCM Made Simple​​ and Scalable

Our Full Service Suite Of CCM Services​​

Patient Identification

Quickly identify your eligible patient population

Patient Enrollment​

Create and execute a plan to enroll eligible patients in your CCM program

Care Management Training​

Develop care plans customized to each patient quickly and at scale

Recruiting Support

Recruit and hire staff to administer a successful and profitable CCM program

Product Development

Brand and market to patients the concierge, personalized care you are now able to offer

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Hear what our clients are saying about us (in their own words)

“Now, we are actively caring for hundreds of patients per week at a time when they really need our help. I know for a fact that we’ve kept multiple people from going to the hospital thanks to this program.”

Tasia Powers

Practice Manager Peninsula Nephrology Associates

 “I wish we could offer this program to all of our patients. The way it’s improved our ability to care for patients in-between their visits is exceptional.” 

Dana Buie

The Endocrine Center
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Consistent care, fewer calls

Replace hundreds of monthly phone calls with weekly personalized text check-ins that patients love.

Work smarter, not harder

Headache-free auto-documenting care management, smart care plan templates and follow-up protocols.

CCM at significant scale

Enroll 500+ patients in 60 days. Not a dead-end side project that goes nowhere fast.

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