Why build an in-house CCM service line?

Your patient relationships are your medical group’s most important asset. An effective CCM program run by your staff can enhance those relationships.
“We started looking at vendors for CCM late in 2022. Phamily stood out to us because it allowed us to have our own team embedded in the work and grow at a sustainable pace.”
Chief Operating Officer, Iowa Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center
Reason #1: Your patients want easier access to your practice.

Patients know and trust your medical practice. When they have concerns about their health, they want to be able to come to you first for answers and support.

Reason #2: Your providers want easier care coordination.

Your care managers know your established escalation protocols. Your providers will have an easier time coordinating care with a team they know well. Handoffs with a third party call center can be challenging due to limited visibility, changing personnel, and lack of familiarity with patients. 

Reason #3: You'll control program compliance.

If your patients are enrolled in a CCM program, you are responsible for compliance. This is much easier to ensure with internal resources, where you have confidence in the quality of care being delivered and the accuracy of time being billed.

Reason #4: Care management is a core competency for the future.

As the healthcare system transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care, you will be increasingly held responsible for total cost of care and clinical outcomes.

Building your care management muscle now protects you in the future. Under a risk-based payment model, you need to perform well on quality and utilization measures to succeed financially. In-house care management helps you directly influence patient behaviors to drive better clinical outcomes with fewer inpatient visits – influence you give up if you outsource to a third-party call center.

With Phamily’s white-glove support and patient engagement technology, you can build in-house care management programs that your patients love – a core competency for future success under both traditional and value-based payment models.

In-house CCM protects your patients and practice.

When you outsource CCM, you give up control over the quality of care and the patient experience. Building an in-house CCM capability means you can be reimbursed for delivering high-quality care that patients appreciate.

Outsourced CCM

Patients receive calls from a call center that isn’t directly managed by your practice.

In-House CCM

Patients are contacted by members of their medical team that they know and trust.

helps you do more with less.

Many physicians worry about burdening their practice staff with more work. Adding a smart CCM platform can help.

Do-It-Yourself CCM

(EHR + Phone Calls)

Patients speak to your medical group (after lots of phone tag) – but your care managers have a lot of manual work.


Per 1000 patients, annually:

A typical labor-intensive DIY CCM program runs at a loss.

In-House with CCM Partner

(EHR + Smart CCM Platform)

Patients have easy, personal, two-way text conversations with your team – and your care managers have automated tools to easily manage hundreds of patients in parallel.


Per 1000 patients, annually:

Scaling your CCM service line with smart technology makes it profitable.

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Consistent care, fewer calls

Replace hundreds of monthly phone calls with weekly personalized text check-ins that patients love.

Work smarter, not harder

Headache-free auto-documenting care management, smart care plan templates and follow-up protocols.

CCM at significant scale

Enroll 1,000+ patients in 60 days. Not a dead-end side project that goes nowhere fast.