Debunking Myths about Chronic Care Management

Debunking CCM Myths
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Your patients want Chronic Care Management. Your practice is already doing the work (perhaps unpaid and inefficiently). So why let myths about CCM prevent your practice from delivering great between-visit care — profitably?
We interviewed Amy Knighton, CEO of Savannah Neurology Specialists, about how she implemented Chronic Care Management — twice. She debunks some common CCM myths:
  • Myth #1: CCM doesn’t work for specialties like neurology.
  • Myth #2: You can run CCM with your EMR and a phone.
  • Myth #3: You can’t scale your CCM program.
  • Myth #4: CCM isn’t a profitable investment for a practice.
  • Myth #5: CCM is a lot of work for providers.
  • Myth #6: Time tracking and compliance is a pain and the program isn’t worth it.
  • Myth #7: You have to talk to patients for 20 minutes on the phone each calendar month.
  • Myth #8: You have to hire additional staff.

Check out our conversation to hear Amy explain why these myths are inaccurate or just plain wrong — and learn how your practice, patients, and providers can benefit from CCM too.

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Alyssa believes that solving between-visit care is critical to effective population health management and long-term success under value-based models. For over a decade, she has worked with innovative health systems, large medical groups, and payers across the United States to help them implement programs and share their successes under advanced payment models.